Funding Guidelines

As a Missouri Senate Bill 40 Board, eitas is sanctioned by the state statute and the citizens of Jackson County with collection of an annual tax levy to fund the various services that eitas supports. Traditionally eitas is the “funder of last resort,” covering the costs of services, facilities and equipment that are not paid by other sources such as Medicaid, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Health and Senior Services or the First Steps program. By statute, we can only provide tax funds for services to citizens of Jackson County who are deemed eligible under the definition of developmental disability and in accordance with our own local policies.

Developmental disability providers that meet our funding guidelines and requirements may apply for funding. The policies and procedures document in conjunction with the funding application document and any associated contracts and agreements for funding, constitute the necessary information and requirements for applying for funding from eitas and in complying with the performance expectations required under the funding guidelines. Tax levy funds are intended for funding of residents of Jackson County, Missouri with developmental disabilities. We reserve the right to deny or limit funding based upon funds availability and/or lack of compliance with funding applications or agreements.