Eitas recognized from its inception that safe and reliable transportation for persons with developmental disabilities was critical in supporting self-independence and integration into their communities. Therefore, in 1992 eitas implemented its own Department of Transportation (DOT). Today eitas transports over 500 individuals a day to and from their workplaces throughout Jackson County. In addition, eitas provides specialized weekend and evening transportation. In 2012, through a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation, eitas began an ”advance call” program for eligible individuals living in eastern Jackson County where public transportation is not available.

From the very beginning, eitas’ DOT has been committed to providing professional, safe, and reliable transportation. Our drivers our trained and monitored in accordance with federal standards, and in addition to learning the proper rules of the road they are trained in CPR, First Aid, proper lifting techniques and Gentle Teaching. Each driver undergoes in-depth background checks as well as screening for alcohol and drug use.

Safety is key to our success and our fleet of buses are maintained in our own garage and by our own team of mechanics. Buses are also equipped with on board monitoring through video and audio recording devices and can be tracked by GPS in real-time.

Unfortunately, funding and the number of buses and routes available may limit our ability to always meet the transportation needs of everyone who is eligible. For information about eligibility for transportation please contact our Intake and Information Unit at 816-363-2000.